Auction Event Planning

Our event planners at Zaffarano Auctioneers make your job easier by connecting you with all the necessary resources you are looking for to help plan the perfect auction event.

If you would like to have an auction scheduled you can contact us or dial 312.404.9436.  Below are some of the topics and details that are discussed with the seller at the event planning meeting.

How to Prepare

Many elements must be considered when preparing for an auction.

  • Determine event goals and objectives. This is very important with client events and sales meetings. It will really help you keep on track.
  • Identify possible dates for the meeting. No matter what date you pick someone will complain it doesn't work but thinking ahead can limit the inconvenience for all parties.
  • Prepare a preliminary agenda and guest list. This will help you set the criteria for the venue.
  • Send meeting requirements to selected sites with requests for written proposals. If you are signing a contract you should always get a written proposal. No surprises is a good thing!
  • Review site proposals from responding suppliers; select potential sites and begin site negotiations with potential venues. Whenever possible speak to companies that have hosted similar events at the venue.
  • Conduct site visits as required. This is very important the first time you use a facility.
  • Negotiate hotel rates and blocks. If you use a hotel for the event, you should get a significant discount on rooms.
  • Add any deadlines and other requirements to timetable. Establishing these milestones for your event will keep you on track.

How to Advertise

Properly placed advertising is critical to draw the largest crowd possible.

  • Direct Ticket Sales: Have each committee member/volunteer (10-15 people) make up a list of at least 10 couples that they think would attend the auction. Have the member/volunteer target the ticket sales to these people and explain to them the importance of a well-attended event. Also, have local merchants help sell tickets to the event. In fact, real estate agents are perfect people to sell tickets because their clients often are looking for artwork to decorate new homes.
  • Telephone Reminders: Follow up calls are key to making sure that those who bought tickets or are on the fence about attending will show up. Have the committee members call ALL of those who are potentially coming to the event to remind them about the importance of attending, the need to raise money, how the evening will be fun and the great artwork that they can bid on. Again, breaking up the task amongst different committee members will make it a breeze.
  • Advertising Sales: As a thank you for their efforts, you can also give free tickets to those who are donating food/drinks to the event to give to their colleagues and friends to attend.
  • Word of Mouth: You can’t beat word of mouth for creating a buzz about the event. Parents in particular are great at promoting events that will benefit their children’s causes. Remember if you tell them, they will come.
  • Publicity: Contact local newspapers to see if they will mention the event. Also, if your group has a newsletter or an email list, promote the event using those tools.
  • Co-Promote: If there other related organizations that you are friendly with, you can offer them some free tickets to help promote the event to their membership.
  • Flyers & Posters: These are great for bulletin boards and frequently traveled spots like the water cooler.
  • Follow Up: Nothing will boost your attendance more than following up with your potential guests. And remember, more attendance means more revenue for your group!