We want to have Zaffarano Auctioneers conduct an auction for our organization, how do we get started?
Its as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Review the services that we provide and choose which one that best describes your event.
  • Choose a date for the auction (preferably three months or more in the future) and contact us or you can call us directly at 312.404.9436 to schedule your auction. You will also need to identify an available facility to hold the auction.
  • Confirmation of your scheduled event will be reviewed by Zaffarano Auctioneers and we will contact you to discuss your auction details and start event planning.
What factors should we consider when we choose a location for the auction?
Size does matter, but so does convenience. The room should be large enough to accommodate 150 to 200 seats arranged theatre style. Ideally, the room should have the necessary lighting to showcase the items. Synagogues, country clubs, catering halls, hotels and schools are all logical choices with sizeable ballrooms and ample parking. Also check with your community, you may be able to get the venue donated or at least receive it at a reduced rate. Your ticket sales to the auction should more than make up for any cost incurred for the rental. Ground floor accessibility is a major plus and of course, the more upscale the location, the better.
What kind of timetable of planning are we looking at?
The planning for an auction typically takes three months although we can restructure the process to some extent if necessary.
What factors should we consider when setting a date for the auction?
It is important to make certain that there are no conflicting auctions or events in the area that could compete for guests. Also, holidays and vacation weeks should be avoided as well. Saturday nights are the best nights for auctions, but other nights of the week can also work?
OK, we chose a date and we think we have a great location, now what do we do?
Just contact Zaffarano Auctioneers. Assuming the date is available on our calendar; we will discuss your specific needs and tailor an auction and event planning just for your organization. We will then send you our standard Letter of Agreement, spelling out all the details of our partnership. Once the agreement is signed, your date is locked into our calendar and Zaffarano Auctioneers will begin event planning to create the perfect auction.
Should we get the community involved in the Auction?
Absolutely. Your contacts in the community can help you to secure the location at a discount (or even for free) and help you to promote the auction. Donations of food and drinks by local merchants can also help turn the auction into a fun social event for the community to rally around. Any publicity to make the event better attended will pay off.
Will Zaffarano Auctioneers be available to help us during the preparation leading up to the auction?
Absolutely. Once a date has been selected and potential locations scouted, we will arrange an event planning meeting with your committee to construct a plan and outline each step that will lead to a profitable and memorable event. We will also be available for telephone consultation at 312.404.9436 on a daily basis to answer any questions that may arise.
What else will Zaffarano Auctioneers provide in the planning stages?
Please review our event planning page; which will show you our outline of services and ideas that are tailored to your auction.
What percentage of the amount raised does our group get to keep?
At Zaffarano Auctioneers our customers come first. That's why we have different options to suite every event. A flat fee is available for certain events (Sales Incentive Auctions) or a % of the gross amount raised for event is also an option. Zaffarano Auctioneers guarantees the committee 90% of the amount raised during the live auction.
What can our organization expect to make from a live Auction event?
At Zaffarano Auctioneers we understand each event is different. From local fundraiser's, School Functions, Benefits, and Charity Galas our professional staff will work hard to ensure that every possible dollar for your Auction is raised.
What needs to be done the day of the auction before it starts?
The room where the auction is held should be set up according to the floor plan that we have given your group. The banquet tables should be covered, the chairs, the podium and microphone should all be ready to go 3 1/2 hours before the start of the auction.
How long does the auction take?
Benefit and Charity Auctions There is a one-hour preview before the auction starts. The auction runs for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, varying on the amount of items in the live Auction. Sales Incentive Auctions There is a one-hour preview before the auction starts. The auction vary up to 3 hours depending on the amount of items business has provided.
During the preview, can people ask the auctioneer questions about the items?
Definitely. This is the best time for prospective bidders to browse the great array of artwork and to select the items that they are interested in bidding on. The guests will also have a great time mingling with each other and sampling your food and beverages.
How does the auction work?
Upon registering, each person/couple will receive an auction program and a bidder number. After making some brief opening statements, the auctioneer will start the bidding on the first item. Each item will have a preset minimum bid, which is the lowest price the item will sell for. Sales Incentive Auctions Each prospective bidder will raise their bidder number to get the auctioneers’ attention when they wish to bid. The auctioneer will announce each bid and when the bidding ceases on that item, we have a winner.
Do people take the items they won with them after the auction?
Yes, when the entire auction has concluded. The winning bidders will go to the checkout area, pay for their purchases and take their items with them.
Our volunteers have no experience with registration and cashiering, will Zaffarano Auctioneers provide any guidance?
Of course. We will give the volunteers a run through of their duties before the auction. Zaffarano Auctioneers will also provide our custom-designed multifunctional bidder registration/sales slips to make the entire process fail-safe.
How do we collect the funds raised after the live Auction?
Very easily. The committee will have volunteers for the event who will collect the funds immediately after the item has been sold to ensure that the item is paid for.
Is the auction high-pressure?
Not at all. The auction will be very comfortable for those in the audience. After all, many of those in attendance will be at their first live auction and we want to make sure they have a positive experience.
Still can’t find your answer?
Then you can contact us or dial 312.404.9436 and Zaffarano Auctions will be happy to help!

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