Vincenzo Zaffarano, Executive Vice President of Global Real Estate Auctions Inc., won the 2009 State Champion Bidcalling Contest at the Illinois State Fair recently.

Zaffarano competed against some of the best and most experienced auctioneers in the state. The championship makes him this year’s Illinois State Auctioneers Association Ambassador, who helps promote the auctioneer business. Next year, Zaffarano also will represent the organization in an international auctioneers contest to be held in Greensboro, NC.

Zaffarano started his auctioneer career in the auto industry. Three years ago he noticed real estate auctions were starting to take off, so he earned his real estate license. “In less than a year and a half, I sold more than $9 million worth of real estate auction property, so I knew this business was growing,” he said.

What sets Zaffarano apart from other auctioneers, he believes, is that he continues to educate himself about the industry, and his goal is to educate others as well.

“I’d like to continue to educate the public on why auctions should be a fi rst choice and not the last resort,” he said. A good auctioneer can produce great results, but a bad auctioneer can leave ‘a bad taste in the client’s mouth’. “It’s so important to find the right person for the job,” he added.

Zaffarano feels honored to receive this year’s championship award. “I will be promoting the business, promoting the association, attending all the district meetings, and doing everything that I can to continue to educate the public,” he added.